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Preserving North American Orchid Seeds and Fungi

This site was developed to manage the data from NAOCC's Collections Project, and to provide a space for information exchange among NAOCC collaborators.

NAOCC's Mission

The North American Orchid Conservation Center is a coalition of organizations dedicated to conserving the diverse orchid heritage of the U.S. and Canada. The NAOCC Collaborator Network fosters and supports efforts to preserve orchid habitats and works with land managers to restore native orchids where populations have declined.

NAOCC's Sampling Program

To support the survival of native orchids, NAOCC is developing regional and national collections of orchid seeds and the fungi that orchids require to grow and thrive. The seed and fungal collections will be available to support conservation efforts across the U.S. and Canada.

When NAOCC collaborators collect orchid samples, they capture data about each specimen, its habitat, population, and other details. Back in the lab, the samples are analyzed, seeds are propagated, fungi are cultured, and further data is collected.

All of the data about the orchid samples and their analysis are captured in this system. High level reports about the samples and general information about the NAOCC Collaborator Network is available to the general public.

For Collaborators

Members of the NAOCC Collaborator Network and other interested parties will need an account to be able to enter and view information about the orchid samples. Please use the Contact link in the footer below to ask for access.